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We believe that health happens in the community. 

Coordinated Care Alliance is a network of community based organizations that partner with healthcare to provide whole-person care.

Coordinated Care Alliance's (CCA) continuum of care services integrate social and medical aspects of care to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest costs for healthcare entities.


CCA partners with payers, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, accountable care organizations and physician groups.

Our value to healthcare partners

  • Single point of access to state-wide contracting that can be uniform across the state or specialized to meet unique member needs

  • Service diverse, at-risk populations with complex medical and social needs including older adults and individuals with disabilities

  • Offer continuity of care through face to face visits in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and in the community

  • Provide holistic, person-centered care that addresses the social determinants that impact overall health and well-being

  • Deliver culturally competent services and connections to local community resources

  • Measurable outcomes of services with proven success

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